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The Future of Agriculture

Nano Fertilizers

Unlocking superior yields. The ultimate synergy.

Nano fertilizers – a revolutionary solution of nano-sized microelements, meticulously stored within a liquid matrix for optimal efficacy.

By harnessing the power of nano fertilizers in harmony with traditional fertilizers, we present a game-changing approach that maximizes yields and reduces fertilizer usage, while promoting environmental stewardship.

Plant Growth

Stimulates plant growth: yield increases by 25-35%

Strengthens bactericidal properties

Strengthens bactericidal properties

Stimulates and improves plant metabolism

Stimulates and improves plant metabolism

Plant resistance

Increases plant resistance to soil salinity, drought, heavy metal pollution and other adverse conditions

Scientific basis

The science behind nano fertilizers is solidly based. The positive effects of nanoparticles on crops and soil are supported by over 1,000 scientific publications in the most prestigious journals worldwide:

NPP's Jerry Can

How it works?

Designed to optimize plant growth and vitality, our nanosized particles deliver essential elements with unparalleled efficiency, transforming the way crops thrive.

Unlike traditional fertilizers, our nano fertilizers consist exclusively of nanosized particles. This unique composition enables them to penetrate plants swiftly, triggering rapid internal reactions that enhance key plant processes. Experience the following transformative benefits firsthand:

  1. Accelerated Reactions: Our nano fertilizers turbocharge essential plant reactions, ensuring optimal nutrient absorption and utilization. By supercharging the plant's internal processes, we unlock its full growth potential.

  2. Enhanced Productivity: With our nano fertilizers, expect nothing less than a substantial increase in productivity. By providing plants with precisely targeted and efficiently delivered nutrients, we empower them to reach their peak performance, resulting in bountiful harvests.

Microelements and Plants

Good plant structure

• Cu promotes lignification, decreasing the susceptibility of lodging.
• Zn promotes auxin levels, which results in optimum canopy development

• Fe is important for combatting chlorosis, preventing premature leaf fall, and giving healthier, greener trees




Healthy roots

• Mn ensures high
lignin content in the roots which increases resistance to rootinfecting pathogens

Wheat flat picture


Correct grain development

• Cu in lignification enables pollen release increasing fertilization and reducing the incidence of empty

grain sites
• Zn status during seed set can result in increased grain number and size



Green leaves

• Mg is a key component of chlorophyll; optimum supply drives photosynthetic activity in the leaf

• Mn and Zn play key roles in the production of chlorophyll and photosynthesis
• C promotes plant growth

by improving photosynthesis processes








ForGrowth Zn

Liquid nano-zinc complex


ForGrowth Mg

Liquid nano-magnesium complex


ForGrowth Cu

Liquid nano-copper complex


ForGrowth Fe

Liquid nano-iron complex

Fe, Mn, Mg, Zn, Cu

ForGrowth Base

Liquid complex of nano-iron, nano-manganese, nano-magnesium, nano-zinc, and nano-copper

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