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Our Mission

To build a future where new materials and technologies rule the world. Where energy efficiency and ordinariness – synonyms. And words such as uniqueness and accessibility are not read separately.

Company Background

We think that the nanotechnology revolution will do the same in the manipulation of matter that computers have done in manipulating information. Nanopowder Plant was created to be a part of this.

We invented the technologies capable of producing high-quality nanomaterials from almost any metals and alloys. Based on this, we have created unique materials and products that give a breath of fresh air in many industries.


NPP History


We started research in the creation of new construction materials with specified unique properties, obtained by the powder metallurgy process using nanocomponents.


As a result, a new material MWC ℗ with unique mechanical properties was created. We have developed a general technology for the creation of structural materials with specified physical and chemical properties.


During the development of the construction materials we faced a problem with the lack of nanopowders in the market having required quality and quantity. After studying the methods of nanomaterial production we designed the unique equipment for producing metal nanopowders and their compounds.


NPP was scored as a high-quality project proposal in a highly competitive evaluation process by European Commission, confirmed by the issued certificate.


A second technology for the production of nanopowder was developed.

An industrial prototype was made and tested.


Were developed nano fertilizers and nano micronutrients.


Nano fertilizers and nano micronutrients were successfully tested on more than 50 fields and farms. Sales of fertilizers



Our Technology

Nanopowder Plant
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